About Us

Our Core Values

Businessplug prides itself in creating meaningful and lasting relationships with its customers, consistently guided by these core principles.


We love what we do and we’re professional about it. We add value and enable our clients to achieve their goals on time.​

Integrity & Transparency

Trust comes naturally when you know other people’s motivations. We have no hidden agendas, we are objective and do our job quickly and effectively.

Clarity & Simplicity

When there is clarity, simplicity and straightforwardness, one can make better decisions, on time, and optimize for success when executing.

Why Work with Businessplug

With our Care, Communication, Knowledge and People Platform, we are able to define the right strategies, we have operational experience and we manage the day to day closely.

We Care

We make sure interests & expectations are and stay perfectly aligned.

We Communicate

We keep an open and frank line of communication.

We Know

The Technology, the Business, the Ecosystem and Market Dynamics.

The Right People

We have the right people to implement and execute.


We help Investors, Entrepreneurs and Corporations achieve their objectives by maximising the Return On Investment while mitigating the risk.


We are the partner of choice whenever business must be created, enabled, invested, leveraged, expanded or turned around, and success probabilities have to be maximised.

Businessplug is delivering Next Generation Web3 Business Transformation Services to Corporate Organizations.

If you would like to know how you can leverage massive growth through Innovation and Lead the Next Technological Revolution, please get in touch.